For sale: Just Others - Amalgam UK 1974 Goodwill Recordings | Acid Folk, Singer-songwriter

Just Others

Label: Goodwill Recordings WS. 1
Format: LP
Pressing: UK
Year: 1974
Genre: Acid Folk, Singer-songwriter
Extra: Including insert

Condition (record/cover): EX- / EX

Ultra rare record. Only 250 were pressed as privately, then sold within pub or folk club. Fragile acoustic folk with melancholic songs and airy guitars that creates magic vibes. Very obscure looking black & white cover in similar as Oberon, Shide & Acorn and the like. Got Holy Grail status in Hans Pokora book! This is extremely primitive lo-fi pressing, so never expect Near Mint copies. This one is very nice condition with one mini pressing fault on the between track 5 and 6 of side two that causes a couple of pops and very short (just momentary) surface noise. The rest all 99.9999% plays clean and silent. Has insert with their photos and album info.

Price: 2000 EUR

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Listen to some tracks from youtube: