For sale: Mats Glenngård - Kosterläge Sweden 1972 Gump | Psych, Folk Rock, Swedish Progg

Mats Glenngård

Label: Gump GUMP-4
Format: LP
Pressing: Sweden
Year: 1972
Genre: Psych, Folk Rock, Swedish Progg

Condition (record/cover): EX / EX-

1972 original including Gump inner sleeve (with small splits as usual). Sought after Swedish psychedelic / progressive / folk underground LP from 1972. From Swedish folk to epic full tilt fuzz guitar jams it’s all in here. Led by Mats Glenngård on guitar and fiddle, the album shows an interesting musical transition period before he joined the legendary Kebnekajse.

Price: 2400 SEK
(≈ 233 EUR ≈ 286 USD ≈ 200 GBP)

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